Stories: Repeat After Me

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Stories: Repeat After Me – Curated by Doug Baulos

Featured Artists:

Sara Garden Armstrong – Pinky MM Bass – Sarah Bell – Jillian Marie Browning – Aaron Sanders Head – Sarah Marshall – Kole Nichols – Tracie Noles Ross – Sheri Schumacher – Irasema Quezada

Gallery Opening Reception: September 28, 2023, 6pm-8pm

Exhibition dates: September 28 – November 16, 2023

This gallery exhibit is free and open to the public.

“Many of the artists in this exhibition use an expanded approach to materials and processes juxtaposed in un-conventional ways to subvert traditional categorizations of materials and embrace a wider transience and engage more deeply in the specificity of the construction of their narratives and identities. They use a highly personal range of materials to become an important part of the taxonomy and language of their work.

Many of the artists repeat, and create site-specific installations that combine, and organize lived experiences that create a truthful, complicated, and interactional-accomplished spheres of understanding.

Several of the artists use found and historical patterns to complicate place and how connections can be made across cloth, dye, and artistic traditions. Much of the work has a multitude of sources that create interesting relationships that through time and examination get more complicated than they first appear.

In the exhibition, powerful stories connect the viewer as an active participant in the organization and design of the pieces and the space they occupy by creating a narrative that foster a culture of community building – focusing on liberation and human connection while highlighting the relationship between state of mind and physical experience. “


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