Southern Expressionists

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“In the south, we have often only considered art that reflects our culture and way of life in a realistic manner. We have typically looked upon art as a reflection that we find easy to understand. Expressionist art conveys emotion and meaning rather than reality. This show will consist of art and artists that are willing to bring a new approach to how we view our “southerness”. I personally invite you to come to the SCAC and see what energy mixed with talent, and a need for self expression look and feel like.” -Scott Vaughn Owen, curator

Scott Vaughn Owen grew up in the small charming town of Columbiana, Alabama, where he was raised in an encouraging environment of family and peers to peruse his true desires and talents as an artist. For more information on Scott and his work visit his website- https://scottvaughnowen.com/

Mary Ann Casey is a writer, painter, and sculptor from Auburn, AL. She is a mosaic of American cultural heritage which is illuminated through her work. Fore more information about Mary Ann click here- https://www.maryanncaseyart.com/

This gallery exhibit will be on display from September 10, 2020-October 1, 2020.

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