The Black Box Theater

  • The Black Box Theater is meant to be an up-close and personal” audiophile” experience for the performer and the audience The intent of the theater is to accommodate performances with high artistic value that fit well in the venue and overlay nicely with the other premiere performance venues in the region. We will focus our booking (but not limit it to) bluegrass, blues, jazz, folk, singer songwriters, poets, storytelling, small classical ensemble, single set drama, spoken word and small recitals. Shows with educational value and some connection to regional culture will be favored.
  • The black-box theater at SCAC will feature purposeful, simple design. We believe this theater has a distinct niche in the region. Although the design and architecture will be simple,the sound system and lighting will be state of the art. The theater will be a production ready and media friendly venue with “tight sonics” and minimized ambient sound (minimal slap back/sound reflection). This will make live streaming, live recording, live video production and pod casting easily facilitated for most shows in the venue. The current (growing) trend of on- demand, digital entertainment access has been taken into great consideration in our approach. We have intentionally limited this venue to 200 seats to maintain an intimate up close listening environment.
  • Secondary purpose:We will also have some other events based on a rental business model that will not be included in the ticket in show line up. This space will also be used for teaching audio and video production.