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SCAC Black Box Theater. Statement of Purpose (AV)

    The SCAC black box theater is small by design with “tight sonics” (minimized sound reflection). Our 200 seat theater in the new building is designed specifically for performances in a more intimate format. You are never far away from the performance in our theater. Folk music, jazz ,blues , singer songwriters, small ensemble cast(single set) performances, story-telling, chamber music concerts, small piano recitals, various acoustic performances are all ideal for the SCAC black box theater. Although we are using the term “black box theater” our venue does have a traditional stage with a small proscenium and curtain.   Our theater is designed to be a modern media friendly performance venue, relatively small but technologically flexible. We will frequently offer podcasts, live streaming and other media production services as an adjunct to many live performances. We pattern this after many other venues around the country who have taken a similar approach.

The Black Box Theater will feature at least 28 ticketed shows per year, as well as various private events and workshops.

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