Workshop-Rigid Heddle: Warping the Loom-May 22


Learn how to warp a loom, create a woven piece and remove your piece from the loom in this all day weaving workshop!

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Maximum of 4 participants for this workshop.

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Advanced Rigid Heddle: Warping the Loom with Michelle McGraw
Saturday, May 22nd
9am – 4pm (1 hour lunch break, 6 hours of workshop time)
Cost: $80
Max number of participants: 4
Supplies provided: use of a rigid heddle cricket loom, yarn to choose from, shuttles, threading
hook, scissors

This workshop focuses on how to warp a Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom using the warping peg
method. The morning portion of class will cover the warping process, while the afternoon
will be used to weave and finish the participant’s length of woven fabric. Depending on how
diligently the participant weaves they may be able to create a length long enough for a scarf.
Towards the end of the class participants will learn to remove the fabric from the loom and
finish it out.

Looms will be provided. You will have the opportunity to purchase a loom and/or other
weaving accessories at the end of class.

*Your emailed receipt is your confirmation for the class. If the class does not make, students who have already signed up will be contacted.*

Class will take place at the Shelby County Arts Council-105 West College St., Columbiana


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