Photography-The Art of Close-up and Macro Photography w/ David M. Frings


Learn how to take beautiful close-up and macro photographs in this hands-on class!


The Art of Close-up and Macro Photography with
David M. Frings

$150/month (5 sessions)

Three Mondays 6:00pm-8:30pm-Nov. 2nd, 16th, and 30th

and Two Saturdays (in the field) 7:00-12:00-Nov. 14 & 21

Ages 18+

Class sessions:
2020-November 2nd, 14th, 16th, 21th, & 30th (November 14 and 21 in the Field)

If you love photography, you have probably been captivated by the beautiful close-up
images that you see in books, magazines, and posted on social media. With a little
knowledge, you too can begin to capture memorable close-up and macro images of a
variety of subjects that you see in your own backyard, parks and on family vacations. The
Art of Close-up and Macro Photography will open up a new realm for you with your
camera by revealing secretes of capturing inspiring images. This course which will meet a
total of five times (three classroom sessions and two filed trips) will provide the training
that you need to get started capturing crisp close-up and macro photographs with your
digital camera.
During this introduction to the art of close-up and macro photography class we will cover:
●Where to find subject matter
● What type of equipment do you need for success
● How to set up in the field
● How to stage shots indoors
● Setting up the shot:
-Depth of field
-Habitat for creatures indoors
● Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture and Depth of Field, Priority Shooting

● Macro photography
● Composition, Rule of Thirds, Golden Ratio, Positioning the subject
● Studio and Shooting in the field
● Backing up your images
● Editing your images
● Displaying your work
Equipment Needed:
-SLR digital camera (required)
-Macro lens or diopters
-Telephoto lens (optional)
-Tripod (recommended but not required)
-Flash (optional)

*Your emailed receipt is your confirmation for the class. If the class does not make, students who have already signed up will be contacted.*

*An annual $25 registration fee is required to enroll in monthly classes and private lessons. This fee is due one time per calendar year. The annual registration fee is waived for weekend workshops and Artist level members.*

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Class will take place at the Shelby County Arts Council-105 West College St., Columbiana


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