Class Registration: An annual registration fee is required to enroll in classes.  This fee is $25 and is due one time per calendar year.  Registration and payment are required prior to class enrollment or private lessons.  Classes are not to begin until enrollment is completed. Payment may be made by check, cash or credit card.

Repeat students:  For your convenience, a lock-box is available for monthly payments.  An application form is not required after the initial enrollment.

New students:  An application and payment are required before each class begins.  If a student wishes to begin after a class has started, he/she must have the approval of the instructor.  A prorated fee will be acceptable only for the first month’s class.   Thereafter, full tuition fees are required prior to each month’s class.

Payment: The tuition may be paid by check, cash or credit card.

Scholarships: Scholarships are available for those wishing to apply for financial assistance. Limited scholarships are available and must be approved by the committee. Please contact for scholarship application information.

Attendance: If an Instructor is unable to meet a class or private lesson, he/she is required to make up the class or private lesson. If a student is absent from a class schedule, the Instructor is not obligated to make up the missed class.  In the event of holidays, inclement weather, etc. schedules are subject to change and students will be notified.

Refund Policy: If a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, a full refund will be given. A full refund will be given if a student gives a 2-week cancellation notice before class starts.  Credit will be issued (for use in a future class) if cancellation is made within 1 – 13 days of class start date.  No refunds or credits are granted for withdrawals made on or after the first day of class 

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