Old Mill Square Mural Project

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Old Mill Square Mural project painted by Bruce Andrews

The main focus of the mural is to reflect the SCAC motto “Imagine, Create, Inspire”. This motto is for EVERYONE, and SCAC programming backs that statement up.

One of the main elements of the mural is a large tree. Trees are great symbols of our life cycle and of provision. Trees are “born” from a seed, grow through seasons of beauty and eventually die to spawn new life. Trees have roots that support and nourish them-as do people/communities. ALL people have roots, you might say, that ultimately, all people came from one source or seed. We have more in common than not.

In the mural, the roots are exposed and highlighted. The roots wrap around the year “1826” (the founding of Columbiana, then “Columbia”). There will be a banner spun about the branches that says “Imagine, Create, Inspire”. The landscape below will have crop rows converging to a singular point of perspective – emphasizing the idea that we are really at our best when focused on a positive horizon.


Check this page again in the future. We will post updates here as the mural progresses.

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