: The Primary Purpose

The MPV is to facilitate community based events such as contracted music concerts, trade shows and arts & craft festivals and large business gatherings.

Alternate (negotiated) uses might be yoga, folk /square dancing, drum circles or martial arts. A stated purpose of this venue will be earned income for the City from rental fees for events.

This is a basic multi use venue intended to be durable and flexible for community events. The venue will have room for 500 seats in rows or in configurations with tables. The seating will be portable and therefore the entire floor space of 10,000 square feet is adaptable and available for events that range from trade shows to indoor art festivals. The venue includes a raised performance stage of. The structural design will have “hard points” that will accommodate professional speaker arrays to be hung should contracted sound and lighting crew come in for an event, The City will have some immediate use for the venue with established events like Cowboy Day, Liberty Day and the Shelby County Shindig and The Fall Quilt Walk. The County will have another option to book events that they regularly get inquiries for ; including trade shows and indoor meeting options.

The Arts Council will use this facility as an adjunct to events and festivals like the Annual Fine Folk Art Festival .