Current Gallery

Our gallery exhibits are free and open to the public.

Gallery hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-5pm

Ebsco Fine Art Gallery Current Exhibit:

Statewide High School Juried Art Exhibit

Exhibit dates: 3/22/21-4/25/21

Closing reception/awards ceremony: 4/25/21-2pm-4pm


Upcoming Exhibits:


SCAC Heritage Series Folk Art Exhibit- “What I knew how to do”: featuring Charlie Lucas and Yvonne Wells

Exhibit dates: 6/10/21-7/22/21

Opening reception: 6/10/21-6pm-8pm

SCAC Heritage Series- I AM MUSIC: featuring Leanna Lesley and Roger Stephensons

Exhibit dates: 8/5/21-9/9/21

Opening reception: 8/5/21-6pm-8pm

Gallery Exhibit Information

About our Gallery

The Shelby County Arts Council’s EBSCO Fine Art Gallery is a place in our community to exhibit local, regional and international visual artists. Founded in 2005 the gallery has served the city of Columbiana and greater Shelby county for over 10 years. Established on the principle that a community should have a creative outlet for it’s members, the SCAC EBSCO Fine Art Gallery hosts the annual Adult Juried Art Exhibit and the Student/Instructor Exhibit.  SCAC has showcased hundreds of artists features a wide array of art represented throughout the year.

Our gallery is open to the public with specific installations in mind. Some of our past gallery’s can be found at our blog. Our works contain a wide variety of art experience. Student and professorial shows, as well as folk artist and those in training. Our contemporary setting is inclined toward creating an accessible environment for everyone and working to exalt the role of the artist to an area of prominence within the community.

Our gallery exhibits are free and open to the public.