EBSCO Industries Art Gallery

The gallery’s primary purpose will be to host up to 8 exhibits per year, all open to the public.

The SCAC Art gallery will be named the EBSCO Fine Art Gallery. We are honored to brand this space with the EBSCO name and grateful to them for their investment in the gallery. The new gallery’s first “official” exhibition is scheduled to be the Alabama Humanities Foundation’s Alabama Bicentennial 200 Exhibit; SCAC will be the sole host for the exhibit in Shelby County. This display is scheduled to open August 2019.

Our gallery will favor exhibitions connected to Southern culture (traditional and modern). As much as possible, we will also regularly feature our SCAC teaching artist members.

Future Gallery schedules will include:

  • “Fine Folk Art” Exhibition and associated Music Festival
  • Featured, exclusive solo art exhibit ( 2019 will be Doug Baulos)
  • Annual Statewide High School Juried Art Show
  • SCAC Student/Teacher Show (including Art Abilities featuring the work of artists with special needs and students from the Juvenile Detention Center)
  • Pottery Collective and Metal Arts (the works of SCAC sculptors and potters)
  • Southern Expressionist Exhibit
  • SCAC Annual Adult Juried Art Show (open invitation w/ entry fee)

Southern Photo Journalists Portfolio Exhibit