Roger Stephenson

Roger specializes in performance photography. He loves to tell the story of a musician through his photograph, like a great smile, a characteristic stance or an ability to hype the audience, that you may have not noticed beforehand. He wants his photographs to create a connection between the musician and the viewer.


Suzzanne Skipper

Portrait Artist Suzzanne Skipper: “I have always been fascinated by the face, the seat of all emotion, the year bearer, the tale teller, the part that announces first, who we are.   It is the one body part that others may know more intimately about us than we do ourselves.”

Nancy Lichtman

“I’ve always enjoyed riding horses, exploring nature studying shapes, spaces, colors and forms. ” “My paintings are examples of how I try to capture and translate what I see,” says Lichtman.

Visit her website:


Jacqueline Hall

Jacqueline Hall is a full time painter and teaches watercolor classes.  “Touching brush to paper and watching the flow of color is wonderful,” says Hall. ” Life could not be any better.”  Contact Hall to create a personal portrait!

Visit the website Jaqueline Hall Fine Art


Pottery Collective – Stephanie Dikis

Stephanie Dikis began her pottery career with classes at the SCAC.  Since those first lessons she has gone on to create many unique pieces and eventually partnered with artist SA to create County Road Raku-a unique line of horse hair raku. If you would like to see additional work take a look at her pottery page and contact her to make a purchase.

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Deb Gamel

Deb Gamel is a local Shelby County Alabama artist from Helena who finds her inspiration from the natural beauty found all around each of us in God’s beautiful landscapes and seascapes.

Amy Pickens

Local artist from Willow Island, Shelby, Alabama. I work and teach out of the Shelby County Arts Council in Columbiana, Al. Contact me and let me create something unique for you…

Visit her website Willow Island Artist.


Nelson Grice

Nelson was born in Nashville, Tennessee where he learned a love for entertainment and creative expression through the performing arts of choir and stage. He moved to Alabama as a teenager and was captivated by the beauty of the state’s landscape.

He became interested in photography, and eventually art school. It was in art school that Nelson found his passion for sculpture. He earned a BFA and an M.Ed from the University of Montevallo and has been teaching in the public schools since 1996. His professional career as a sculptor compliments his role as a teacher.

Nelson’s piece “Storytime”, featured below, won Best in Show at the SCAC 2016 Juried Art Show. You can visit Nelson online at

Gary Ricketts

Gary Ricketts enjoyed a life-long career in television production and management. While at the ABC Television Network in New York City, one of the highlights of his career was covering the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics, for which Gary received the first of his three Emmys—for Outstanding Individual Achievement.

When Gary retired he relocated to Hoover, Alabama where he began to market his photography. In addition to individual sales, his photographs have been licensed for use on greeting cards and to augment a museum exhibit at the National Czech & Slovak Museum.
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