Kellie Newsome

Kellie Newsome is a creative artist, energetic teacher, and paint representative. She currently lives in Montgomery Alabama. She spends a great deal of time creating her artwork in her studio, volunteering, and traveling to promote creativity.  She works with the City in creating community outreach programs and teaches out of the Creative Arts Center on Chestnut Street in downtown Prattville.  She is also a member of the Montgomery Art Guild, Selma Art Guild, Prattville Arts Council, and the Montgomery Art Galleries Association.

Kellie graduated from Troy University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. She received many awards and scholarships throughout the duration of her formal studies.  When she graduated, she received the 2007 Award for Outstanding Artistic and Scholarly Achievement for her contribution to and development as an artist at Troy University.  She began working for CHROMA's Atelier Interactive brand of paints while attending school and continues to work for them today as their representative to the South-East United States.  This position allows Kellie to travel to teach workshops, perform demonstrations, and publicly speak to art guilds and organizations. 

She has taught over 500 intermediate and advanced classes over the years. She believes that the most important part of being an artist is striving everyday to improve and inspire. 
Her work has been exhibited in galleries, festivals, Universities, magazines, product literature, advertisement pamphlets, public officials’ offices, and local businesses.  She has received numerous awards from local and regional shows and most recently Kellie was awarded the title of Alabama Artist of the Year by the nationally distributed Twin Cities TOSCA arts publication.