2016 Unconventional Wisdom

2016 Statewide High School Juried Art Exhibit

2016 Fine Folk Art III Gallery Exhibit

2015 Our 10th Anniversay Celebration (2005-2015)

2015 Hoover Shelby Art Association Gallery Exhibit

2015 7th Annual Juried Art Show

2015 at the Black Box Theatre

2015 Pottery Collective Gallery Exhibit

2015 Missoula Children's Theater

2015 Mardi Gras Bash

2015 To Depart is To Arrive: A Journey Through Dimensions. Rik Lazenby and Friends

2014 Shelby County Shindig

2014 3rd Annual High School Juried Art Exhibit

2014 Liberty Day - Scott Owen Exhibit

2014 Instructor/Student Gallery Exhibit

Alabama Folklife: We'll All Sing Hallelujah!

2013 5th Annual Juried Art Exhibit

2014 Gabriel Tajeu Performance

2014 Celebration of the Arts Fundraiser Luncheon

2013 Capital Campaign Kick-off

2013 - 2nd Annual Statewide High School Juried Art Exhibition

Dolores Hydock: In Her Own Fashion

2013 Emily Kay Herring Sings Broadway

2013 Art Camp 5-8 Year Olds

2013 Liberty Day Exhibit - The Great Landslide

2013 Eleemonsynary

SCAC Music Recital for Youth - May 2013

2013 Emily Kay Herring sings "Songs of Patsy Cline"

2013 Imagine Create Inspire: A Celebration of the Arts - Fashion Show & Luncheon

2013 Joanne Fogle Art Exhibit

Creative Writing and Book Reading with author Robert Inman

2013 Justin Gaffrey Exhibit

2012 4th Annual Artists Market

2012 4th Annual Juried Art Show

2012 Statewide High School Juried Art Competion

2012 Student/Instructor Art Exhibit

Two Sisters Art Opening- June 28th, 2012

2012 Relaxed, Creative, Productive- Monday Afternoons

2012 Relaxed, Creative, Productive- Monday Evenings

2012 Photography Round Table with Hank Siegel

2012 Private Lesson with Lynn Dodson

2012 Youth Private Lesson with Lynn Dodson

2012 Picasso Kids 2 with Edna Sealy

2012 Picasso Kids with Edna Sealy

2012 Build, Throw, Fire Beginning Pottery with Candye Lundy

2012 S2 - Scott Stephens and Dr. Scott Meyer Exhibit

2012 Fences on Parade

2012 Have a Heart for the Arts Luncheon

2012 Shelby County's Best BBQ Cook-off

2012 Director's Invitational

2011 Artist Market

2012 Regional Folk Art Exhibit

Daniel Moore Exhibit Opening Reception

Relaxed, Creative, Productive with Lynn Dodson

UM Community School of Music

Pencils to Paint with Lynn Dodson

Picasso Kids With Edna Sealy

2011 Jennifer Pharr Davis Lecture/Book Signing

2011 Fences on Parade

Art Camp 2011

Shelby County's Best BBQ Event

Robert Inman Reading Event

Have a Heart for the Arts Fashion Show & Luncheon

Author TK Thorne visits Calera High School

2010 Student Exhibit

2010 Fences on Parade

2010 Summer Art Camp 5-8 yr olds

2010 Summer Art Camp 9-12 yr olds

Steve French Meet & Greet - March 5, 2010

"Paintin' the Town" Rae Lynn Dodson Solo Exhibit

1st Annual SCAC Juried Art Exhibit 9-3-2009

CFGB 50th Anniversary Party - May 2009

Summer Art Camp - July 2009

SCAC Adult Pottery at Anagama Kiln - May 2009

Bikes on Parade 4-15-09

Art Abilities March 2009 Exhibit - March 2009

Dreams and Possibilities

Tracy McKay Solo Show - May 2009

VSA Traveling Exhibition - September 2008

"Take Back Our Kids" Exhibition at Shelby County Juvenile Detention Center - October 2008

Susan Dennis Solo show - October 2009

Art for Children with Special Needs Exhibit 4-3-2008

Home School Picassos 5-14-2008

Tablescapes Workshop 11-25-07

Acrylic Painting for Senior Citizens 1-9-2008

Art Abilities Exhibit 2011

December Artist Market

Novella Club paints with SCAC

Red Mountain Youth Musical Theatre Workshop 2011