Senior Citizen Classes

Art enrichment classes are held in Senior Centers, strategically located in Shelby County. Our programs run the gamut of enrichment classes including art, photography, and individual music lessons, enabling these seniors to gather in social settings. The Shelby County Arts Council will continue to add classes and expand to other Senior Centers as funding becomes available.

At-Risk Youth

Art and Music Therapy is a great way for youth to express themselves and stimulate creativity. In our program called Take Back our Kids, we serve the county’s at-risk youth, age 12-18, at the Shelby County Juvenile Detention Center in Columbiana.  Our Executive Director, Bruce Andrews, visits the center and teaches drawing classes to youth.  Believing there is an "artist" hidden in each of us, our outreach programs strive to uncover the hidden artist and provide youth with a positive outlet for expression. 

Special Needs Classes - Artabilities

Since 2008,  the Shelby County Arts Council has taught weekly art and music classes in over 20 Shelby County public schools. Students in these classes are  physically and mentally challenged. The classes are tailored to meet their individual needs and give them a positive learning experience. Students eagerly looked forward to “their” special art class each week. As funding becomes available, the Shelby County Arts Council will continue to support and grow these programs at schools in Shelby County.


In School Programs

Through our arts enrichment program, the Arts Council sends musicians, visual artist, performing artists, and authors to schools for workshops across the county as a supplement to their existing arts education. The Arts Council also organizes field trips for Shelby County students to events such as Art Train and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra Young People’s Concert. These opportunities are not available through the regularly funded school curriculum. 

Writing our Stories:  

A 12 week creative writing program developed by the Alabama Writers Forum and the Alabama Department of Youth Services.  The program was designed as an anti-violence program  to teach juvienille defenders to write about their lives as a way of enriching their theraputic experience.  The program has been adapted as an anti-bullying program in the Shelby County Schools.  Taught to 7 grade classes at Columbiana Middle School and Montevallo Middle School students work with a professional writer to tell their story.  The program culminates with a bound-printed anthology of the students work.  Learn more about the program: click to watch  Writing Our Stories Video